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Decorating your home is just as personal as choosing the fashions you wear.  Express yourself in color, design, and style.

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Black and White Collection

Black & White

Shimmering Details Collection

Shimmering Details

Rose Garden Collection

Rose Gardens


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Decorating with wallpaper is the most personal touch you can add to a home.  It's the icing on the cake and can add color, texture, style, and personality.  Experiment and enjoy the results!

Shimmering Details Collection

Dotted Paisley #DE9004 from the Shimmering Details Collection. York Wallcoverings

This centuries old industry continues to grace the finest and most humble homes with new innovated products designed to make installation, and later removal, easy. New materials using non-woven fabrics, or other non-vinyl substrates have been developed to minimize or eliminate moisture and mildew issues and worries about vinyl VOC's a thing of the past.  Installation has been made easier with better match guides, less possible material stretching, and removing with dry-strippable products is as easy as grabbing the upper corner of a sheet and pulling it off in one piece.

Today's products are definitely not your Grandma's kitchen prints.

From the Venezia Collection

Pattern # 2537-Z33615 - Satin Roses

Venezia - Satin Roses

Wallpaper Removal

Need to remove old wallpaper - This product could be your best friend!   DIF - available at most home building stores, including Lowes.

Buckingham Collection

Recreate this inspiration room!  Start with wallpaper #495-69002

from the Buckingham Collection - Brewster Home Fashions.

Purple Chaise from Bonanza.comPurple Soft from Overstock.com

Add a purple chaise from Bonanza.com or a purple love seat from Overstock.com.   Great!  That was easy!


Black and White Collection


Wallpaper # YS9100 from the Black & White Collection

 Ashford House - from York Wallcoverings


Decorating Mirrors

Wallpaper Cut-outs (Appliques) and Mirrors.

Great Combination - Easy to Do - Great Results.

A perfect way to use your left over wallpaper pieces!